Dr. Casso’s Guide to Body Contouring

Plastic surgery has extended well beyond the face and breasts today, to encompass every area of your body in need of enhancement. Body contouring is a particularly attractive option for men and women that have managed to hit that target number on the scale but find they are still dissatisfied with their body profile overall. To accommodate all of his body contouring patients, Dr. Casso offers a variety of surgical options that he will adapt to your unique body proportions and desired results.

Start Small: Liposuction

Liposuction is the least invasive of all of our body contouring procedures, but that doesn’t diminish the superior results you can achieve from this treatment. Liposuction can also be used to treat nearly any area of the body where stubborn fat deposit won’t reduce with your workouts alone, including:

  • Underneath the chin (submental fat)
  • Upper arms and back
  • Breasts in both men and women
  • Abdomen and midsection
  • Hips and buttocks
  • Inner and outer thighs

Despite the smaller incisions and quicker recovery, Dr. Casso performs many of his liposuction procedures at Houston Methodist St. John Hospital under general anesthesia. Small incisions are made to allow for entry of a cannula that loosens and removes fat cells. Recovery is a week or two, and the results are long-lasting.

Say Goodbye to Bat Wings

The upper arms are common focal points for body contouring with our female patients. Over time, small accumulations of fat and tissue, combined with skin laxity, leave sagging upper arms that are often referred to as “bat wings.” Brachioplasty, also known as an arm lift, is a surgical procedure that creates a smoother contour to the underside of the upper arm. Dr. Casso usually performs this surgery at Houston Methodist St. John Hospital using general anesthesia and an incision that stretches from the armpit to the elbow. Light activities can be resumed within one week.

Centering on the Midsection

The abdomen and waistline are frequent problem spots for men and women, often due to the effects of pregnancy, weight fluctuations or the aging process. Loose skin and deposits of fat create the familiar spare tire around the middle that is difficult to eliminate with calorie-counting and crunches alone. A tummy tuck reverses these changes to give you a smoother, flatter midsection.

A tummy tuck is an extensive surgery that is performed under general anesthesia at Houston Methodist St. John Hospital. Dr. Casso recommends an overnight stay in the hospital for the majority of his patients, although a few may go home the same day as their procedure. The incision for a tummy tuck is located within the bikini line and stretches from hipbone to hipbone. This allows Dr. Casso access to remove excess tissue, fat and skin, which is performed by surgical excision and liposuction in some cases. Recovery from a tummy tuck is three to four weeks, but the results of the surgery are both dramatic and long-lasting.

Restoring Your Backside

A thigh and buttock lift is a way to restore youthful perkiness and a smoother contour to this area of the body. It is often done in conjunction with a tummy tuck to improve your aesthetic outcome further. Like most of the other body contouring procedures Dr. Casso performs, this one is done at Houston Methodist St. John Hospital so that our patients are assured their surgery will be as safe as it is successful. Recovery is usually 7-10 days initially, but strenuous exercise should be avoided for about six weeks.

Massive Help for Massive Weight Loss

Losing a substantial amount of weight is no easy feat, whether you accomplish it through bariatric surgery or your own diet and exercise efforts. Unfortunately, reaching that weight loss goal may not give you the results you were hoping for, as loose skin folds can mar your final result. A circumferential body lift removes excess skin while sculpting the leaner, smoother contour you had visualized.

Incisions for a circumferential body lift typically circle the lower part of the body, inside the bikini line. The extended incision is necessary to allow Dr. Casso to remove all of the excess skin and create a firmer appearance. Liposuction may also be included to eliminate lingering fat deposits interfering with your new body contour. Recovery from a circumferential body lift usually takes about 10 days for sedentary activities and six weeks for rigorous activity.

Body contouring is a way to enhance your appearance in a variety of ways. If you are ready to achieve your body sculpting goals, contact Dr. Casso’s office today at 281-333-3500 today to schedule your private consultation.

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