Scar Revision

Patients with wide, thick, depressed, or unsightly scars which may be the result of trauma, infection, or previous surgery may benefit from scar revision.

Patients interested in scar revision see Dr. Casso in consultation prior to scheduling the procedure.

The circumstances of the wound which resulted in the scar are discussed. Any complicating factors relating to the healing of the wound are discussed.

Dr. Casso then examines the scar and makes a recommendation regarding the prospects of improving the scar with surgery.

Dr. Casso usually performs scar revision in his office under local anesthesia. The scar area is anesthetized with local anesthetic. After assuring anesthesia, the area is prepped with an antiseptic and draped in a sterile fashion.

Dr. Casso then surgically removes the old scar. Depending on the situation, the wound may be repaired directly, or other techniques, such as a flap or z-plasty may be used to yield a better result.

Postoperative pain is usually minimal, and sutures are removed in four to six days for the face and seven to 10 days for other parts of the body. The new scar will initially be red, but significant fading will generally occur in six to 24 months, depending on the scar’s location. If necessary, cortisone may be injected into a fresh scar which shows evidence of thickening.

Pricing will be provided after consultation with Dr. Casso.

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